The Greatest Challenges Facing Engineers; Restoring & Improving Urban Infrastructure

There are many issues involving infrastructure that must be tackled in the coming years. This is one of the most economically important issues of our generation

We’re looking at you civil engineers.

However, while civil engineers take the brunt of the responsibility, we all need to do our fair share and addressing this issue

As a nearly lifelong citizen of Cincinnati, Ohio, I’m very familiar with the Brent Spence bridge being constantly under construction.

And as a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, we would commonly refer to UC as standing for “under construction.”

Now comes the real question, how do we as engineers solve these issues?

The Brent Spence Bridge: A beautiful work of art (that’s a joke, if you are from southern ohio or northern kentucky then you know how horrible this bridge is.)

Now how can this be fixed?

One of the biggest ways is to improve public transportation. (if you don’t know the story, Google “great american railcar conspiracy. THANK YOU GENERAL MOTORS).

We’ve all heard countless ways that this can be done. One of the biggest involves similar technology that’s been discussed in one of our previous articles.

This would involve the Inductrack, which is a train system that utilizes the halbach array to essentially levitate trains above the track for faster transportation.

Figure 2. Inductrack

There are many other ways that this can be accomplished. Through sources, such as Uber, Lyft, and self driving vehicles.

While we do have significantly better public transport in cities like San Francisco and Chicago, the spread of these types of technology can greatly decrease the overall cost of transportation and maintenance of our overall infrastructure.


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